Minneapolis Garage Flooring, Garage Floor Coating & Epoxy

If you are looking for the best garage flooring in Minneapolis…

If you are looking for the best garage flooring in Minneapolis, congratulations! You have found it! Great Garage Floors has proudly been providing top quality garage floor coatings and epoxy floor coatings to Minneapolis for many years.

Great Garage Floors takes the time to make sure that the formulations they use will last and last. We have stood behind our products and always will, because we know the work and thorough study that has gone into evaluating only the best epoxy floor coating chemistry available to Minneapolis.  Our coatings are of the highest quality and that makes a big difference to the life of your floor.

When you compare Great Garage Floors to other companies in Minneapolis, be sure to check out important items such as:

  • The company’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. We have been rated A+ (no complaints) by the BBB since our beginning.  We do everything possible to respond to any concern that you may have.
  • Warranty or Guarantee. Many companies offer the Sun and the stars in their so called lifetime warranties, the devil tends to be in the details. If there are pages of fine print escape clauses and stipulations, you may want to think about the true value of the warranty and the company’s comfort level with their product and their ability to stand behind it.  Our guarantee is simple and straight forward.
  • Details of the coatings being installed. Many will talk about the thickness of their coatings in mils. It’s not all about the amount of coating put down at time of install, it’s what remains on the floor after the coating is cured and more importantly, the quality of the coating. Many companies will use a “diluted” or hybrid blend that will evaporate  or “flash-off” as it cures.  Chemistry of materials do make a difference.  We use only the best!
  • Pricing schemes and up-sell tactics. Many garage floor companies will offer “teaser prices” or very low “show special” to get a sales contact. Then comes an offer to upgrade and you are encouraged to accept a supposed better version of their product. Rest assured we play none of those games at Great Garage Floors. We offer the best solution at the best price. Compared side-by-side you will get much more for your money.

So when shopping for a garage floor in Minneapolis or anywhere in Minnesota for that matter, be sure to give us a call at 952-473-8600 or request a visit for a free price quote, scheduled at your convenience!