Garage Floor Covering

When it comes to choosing a garage floor covering there are a lot of options and a lot of choices to make. Some solutions are temporary, some are permanent. There are many styles and colors to choose from and you can certainly range in your garage floor covering budget.

So let’s look at some options and their merits and weaknesses…

Rubber type mats as a garage floor covering – This is the cover up and forget the problem solution. These roll out mats can look clean and come in multiple colors. They are easy to roll out and simply drive on, and not terribly expensive. Be aware that these types of mats typically do not have perforation and can trap water under them which can lead to freeze/thaw problems as well as a degradation of the concrete.

Rubber or Plastic Tiles as a garage floor covering – These plastic or rubber tiles are typically squares of color that you assemble yourself in an interlocking fashion and can make any shape you like. They come in several colors and have a rounded edge that can be snapped on. Depending on the size of your floor these can add up fast as they are sold in packages of a certain number. As with the rubber style mat, these tiles are often not perforated and can trap moisture underneath.

Paint as a garage floor covering – Paint with sealer is a better solution than a mat or plastic tile. But it has its share of pitfalls as well. It can be very time consuming and costly to install and will likely need to be redone every 3 to 5 years. See our complete article on concrete floor paint for lots more information.

Ceramic Tile as a garage floor covering – Ceramic tile is an attractive garage floor covering. Floor preparation and cost are the big factors in considering this type of floor. If the floor is not very level and smooth the tiles will be susceptible to cracking and de-grouting. The space between the tiles may get stained from dirt and oil and be difficult to clean.

Epoxy as a garage floor covering – Epoxy is your best bet when it comes to protecting your floor and a great look. There are many variables when installing a n epoxy floor so it is important to do your homework and select a professional with a proven track record such as Great Garage Floors. Epoxy floors are durable and when installed properly will last the life of the garage. They are easy to maintain and clean and have the added benefit of keeping moisture, road chemicals and car fluids like oil out of you concrete. An epoxy floor is more reasonable in price than you might expect and will add tangible value to your home if and when you sell it.

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Ronald Esau