Concrete Plank Garage Floors

Precast concrete planks are a popular building material to enlarge the useful square foot of a home.  Many modern homes have a three car garage.  That amounts to a six to seven hundred square foot area that in the usual building setting is a slab of concrete poured on an underlying aggregate base.

But the builder can install concrete planks instead of a poured concrete floor to provide the necessary support for vehicles.  A basement room can be installed under the garage floor, adding additional usable space to the home.

A poured concrete slab is then poured on top of the concrete planks.  The typical slab is two and half inches to 4 inches.

A waterproof barrier of rubber, sometimes vinyl membrane or, more recently, a spray on product is installed over the concrete planks and below the poured slab, sandwiched between the two, to provide a barrier for water that may seep down through the inevitable cracks that appear in a concrete slab.

And cracks will appear!  Effectively, a bridge is being created when installing the concrete planks.  The planks are from 22″ to four feet wide and anywhere from 20′ to twenty-four feet long.

When vehicles of from 3000 to six thousand pounds are placed on the “bridge”, you see why there may be movement of the concrete slab.  That movement, though infinitesimally small and even unnoticeable to the homeowner, does produce micro cracks in the concrete.  Water can then migrate through the concrete slab to water barrier below.

We now have modern building standards that require the waterproof barrier.  But in homes built before the mid nineties, water proof barriers were not standard.

We have been called into remediate homes that have a leaking floor, rendering the room below an its contents as risk to water damage.

Our typical installation is to grind the garage floor surface and fill all of the cracks.  We then coat the floor with an elastomeric coating.  “Elastomeric” means that the coat has flexural elasticity and will “give” as the floor “moves”.

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Ronald Esau